Department of Food Engineering & Technology


The Department of Food Engineering & Technology prepares students to cater to the ever increasing demand of various facets of food in business and industry. Nowadays food consumers are more conscious about their food and health requirements. Food industries play the dual role of making food safe and good, as well as contribute to the enhancement of national economic growth by using skilled and qualified  food engineers and technologists  but there is lack of qualified food engineers and technologists in Bangladesh. The mission of Food Engineering & Technology department is to produce skilled and qualified manpower for ensuring the production of safe food as well as for the food business. Recent advances and development in Food Engineering & Technology has had dramatic impact on the food production, processing and packaging methods towards safer, tasty & quality foods. Career in Food Engineering & Technology is diverse and challenging. Qualification in food will help students to pursue careers in food industries as well as in research.

Why Food Engineering & Technology at SUB?

  1. State University of Bangladesh is a pioneer in the field of Food Engineering & Technology (FET) among private universities.
  2. The courses of Food Engineering & Technology are designed to meet the demands of the food sector of modern world.
  3. of Food Engineering & Technology has intellectual and skilled faculty members from home and abroad for conducting the courses of Food Engineering & Technology.
  4. Besides faculty members, adjunct faculty members from reputed public universities and government institutions also take courses in B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs.
  5. The students of FET get ample opportunities to work with the teachers in research project and thesis.
  6. Food Engineering & technology Department has well equipped class room, seminar room and Lab facilities like
  • Food Analytical Laboratory
  • Food Microbiology Laboratory
  • Food Processing Laboratory
  1. Food Engineering graduates of SUB have better opportunities to build carrier in different government & research organizations, and food industries.
  2. Moreover, after accomplishing their degree, students are getting scholarship from foreign universities for higher study.

Areas of Employment

  1. Government & Autonomous Organizations: Atomic Energy Commission, BCSIR, BSFIC SME Foundation, Universities and Colleges, Ministry and Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture, Polytechnic Institutes etc.
  2. Private (National and International) Companies: After graduation from SUB, students are now occupying in different key position of renowned food and beverage industries like PRAN, Akij Food & Beverage, Partex Beverage, Square Food & Beverage, Acme Food & Beverage, Transom Food & Beverage, Globe Beverage, Igloo, Polar, C.P Bangladesh, Golden Harvest, Sajib Food, Nabisco Biscuits, Olympia Biscuits, Coca-cola, Aftab Food, BRAC dairy etc.



Admission Process

Admission Eligibility

Faculty Members

Anis Alam Siddiqui

M.Sc.(UK), P.G.D.(USA), P.G.D.(Aus)

Professor & Head

Dr. Mst. Sorifa Akter

Ph.D (South Korea)

Assistant Professor

Md. Nurul Abadin Chowdhury


Assistant Professor & Coordinator

Lubna Nasreen

M.Sc. (IU)

Senior Lecturer

Md. Ahmadul Islam

M.S. (BAU)


Manobendro Sarker



Adjunct Faculty Members

Dr.Mamtaz Dawlatana

Assistant Professor


Mid Term Exam Schedule & Exam Routine

Mid Term Exam Schedule-05.03.17 to 13.03.17 For Details

Registration and Payment Date

Registration and Last date of 1st  Installment Payment of Tuition Fees without late fee for existing

Pre-Registration and Installment date for tuition fee payments

Students are instructed to complete their per-registration form fill-up before 15/01/2017. 1st installment date for tuition

Research & Publications


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Core Courses for B.Sc. in Food Engineering & Technology
  • Basic Principles of Engineering-I and Lab
  • Basic Principles of Engineering-II and Lab
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control and Lab
  • Packaging Engineering & lab
  • Food Engineering Unit Operation-I and Lab
  • Food Engineering Unit Operation-II and Lab
  • Environmental Engineering & Health Safety
  • Food Manufacturing Layout & Design & Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics & Lab
  • Introduction to Food Engineering and Technology
  • Principles of Food Processing and Preservation & Lab
  • Fruit and Vegetables Technology &Lab
  • Meat and Fish Technology & Lab
  • Cereal Technology and Engineering & Lab
  • Dairy Engineering & Lab
  • Spices and Flavor Technology & Lab
  • Management of Food Institutions
  • Water Treatment, Purification, Waste Disposal & Lab
  • Infestation Control and Pesticides and Lab
  • Food Laws and Food Safety (ISO,HACCP,GMP)
  • Food Quality Assurance/Control and Lab
  • Food Biotechnology and Lab
  • Industrial & Organizational psychology
  • Chemistry-I and Lab
  • Chemistry-II and Lab
  • Food Science and Applied Nutrition &Lab
  • Basic Food Microbiology and Lab
  • Industrial Food Microbiology and Lab
  • Introduction to Biochemistry and Lab
  • Disaster Management and Food Security
  • Project Work
  • Industrial Attachment (Three months)
Core Courses for M.Sc. in Food Engineering & Technology   Compulsory Courses  
  • Technology of Foods – Animals and Plants
  • Advanced Food Biotechnology
  • Food Laws, Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Food Security and Climatology
  • Unit Operation and Advanced Food Engineering
  • Food Plant Design, Layout & Management
  Elective Courses  
  • Food Processing and Preservation
  • Fermentation Technology
  • Food Additives and Food Adulterations
  • Food Marketing and Industrial Management
  • Food Product Development
  • Research Methodology
  • Advanced Dairy Technology
  • Confectionary and Bakery Technology
Thesis/Dissertation Thesis/ Dissertation = 6 Credits

For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website. Alternatively if you have a specific service or question in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this using the contact details on the Contact Us page of the site.

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For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website. Alternatively if you have a specific service or question in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this using the contact details on the Contact Us page of the site.

Notable Alumni


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