An Annwesha open discussion on “Co-creation of spaces with communities” was organized at the department of architecture on Monday, 18 November 2019 at State University f Bangladesh, Bijoy Campus, Dhaka. Associate Prof. Dr. Sajid Bin DOZA, Head of the Department of Architecture, welcomes the participants and introduced the program to all. The seminar was chaired by Ar. Khondaker Hasibul Kabir and Ar. Suhailey Farzana. They shared their experiences of co-creating spaces with communities, both human and non-human ones, in an engaging and enlightening session.
Khondaker Hasibul Kabir is based in Jhenaidahand involved in community-led housing and people-led city planning process. He is the co-founder of ‘Co.Creation.Architects’ that works with human and non-human communities to co-create better habitat. He is a core team member of Community Architects Network, which works in 19 Asian countries. He teaches landscape and architecture at BRAC University. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from BUET and a master’s in Architecture in Landscape Design from the University of Sheffield, UK. His research and practice focus on co-creation with communities. We cannot create spaces alone. We co-create. There is no single author in the co-creation process.
We can co-create better spaces when we make better connectivity and relationship with other beings and things around us. Here beings are considered as part of a community where collective energy prevails through satisfying individual needs and aspirations. Things and beings are interdependent in co-creating spaces. The discussion intends to start by sharing few examples of the process and continue with the reflections and questions of the participants (mere presence is participation).
The architects together presented two of their community-based design projects- “Jol o Jongoler Kabbya”, and “Esho Gori Jhenaidah Shohor”. After the presentation, a question-answer session was held with the participants. Some of the responses related to the questions were discussed briefly. Finally, Dr. Sajid Bin DOZA handed the speakers a token of gratitude and concluded the open discussion program of the Annwesha Lecture Series.
The discussion was very informative and provided the participants with enormous knowledge on various aspects of Community Architecture, the recent prospects, and related experiences. They loved the event as a whole.