Seminar Held at State University of Bangladesh Blue Whale Game: What We Need To Know

The Blue Whale Game is also known as “Blue Whale Challenge” has become a current social network phenomenon claimed to exist in several countries. Bangladeshi media also presented reports on attempted suicide recently, relating the incidents to the game. A teenage girl committed suicide allegedly from the addiction of the game earlier this month. Although no case has been confirmed, a Chittagong University student was arrested by the Bangladeshi Police for playing the game. The High Court Division ordered a 6-month ban on social night-time internet packages provided by various mobile operators across the country in order to curb suicides from the playing of this game. With a view to raising awareness about this ‘life-threatening game’, a seminar was organized by the Department of Law, State University of Bangladesh on 25th October 2017. The seminar was held at the University campus under the title “Blue Whale Game: What We Need to Know”. As explained by the keynote speaker, renowned cyber crime expert QuaziMahfujulHoqueSupan, Associate Professor, University of Dhaka the game reportedly consists of series of tasks assigned to players by administrators (called Curator) over the 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide. The myth about the game was debunked as he demonstrated that the game is not available online to everyone and not anyone can play it at their will. The apps available on the Internet are all fake because only the Curators can share the link to play this game. Interestingly, strange information about the game is that only girls are invited to play “Blue Whale”. At first, it may seem like any random game or link and the first step is to make one familiarize with the tasks, he said, but gradually the levels get tougher and the last level is the “End” where suicide occurs. The process of their communication is online; those who are chosen to play this challenge are guided and assessed by the Curators-he added. QuaziMahfujulHoqueSupan later presented examples of other games similar to the concept of “Blue Whale” and showed how those games also are threatening to the life of players worldwide. He emphasized that everyone should become more concern about the Cyber Security and carefully deals with such requests or invitations to play these games. Sheikh Muhibullah, Senior Lecturer of Department of Law, SUB, who was also the host of this seminar, connected the issues with legal jurisprudence. Quoting Professor Supan, he spoke about the influence these game makers are having over suicide and claimed it to be a murdering by abetting suicide. He thinks that abetting suicide through such games is legally a crime as well. Professor Dr Asif Nazrul Moderated the whole seminar. Professor Dr Md. Sayeed Salam, Vice Chancellor, SUB, reiterated what Professor Supan had already said and asked everyone to be more conscious in the virtual world about what they are sharing. Later Professor Supan was appreciated for the keynote speech by a memento presented by the Vice-Chancellor as the seminar came to an end.