Two-Day long Faculty Development Workshop at English Department

The Department of English Studies of State University of Bangladesh organized a two-day long Faculty Development Program on “Teaching Shakespeare” on May 22 and “Performing Shakespeare” on May 24 respectively. Prof. Tahmina Ahmed, Professor of the Department of English, University of Dhaka and also a specialist in Shakespeare, was the resource person of the workshop. The first day of the workshop started with a welcome speech of Prof. Shaheen M. Kabir, the Head of the department. In her speech Prof. Kabir said, although Shakespeare wrote some 400 years ago, his writing has been relevant in all the ages and still bears the same relevance even in our contemporary time. She also noted that the undergraduate and graduate students of English Literature should study Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays with great importance because of this perpetuity of his writing. Prof. Kabir’s speech was followed by a floral welcoming of the resource person. On that day, the resource person enlightened the faculties on several aspects of teaching Shakespeare in class. However, the second day of the workshop started with some performances on Shakespearean sonnets and plays by the students of the department. Following the performances, Prof. Tahmina Ahmed conducted the workshop on staging and performance of Shakespearean plays. In the afternoon, Prof. Kabir brought a successful conclusion to the Faculty Development Program. The Advisor of State University of Bangladesh Dr. S.M.A.Faiz, the Head of the Department of Business Studies Major Gen. (retd.) Mohammad Quamruzzaman, and the Registrar Brig. Gen. (retd.) Mirza Ezazur Rahman were present on both the days of the workshop.