State University of Bangladesh ACADEMIC CALENDAR-2019 (Except Dept. of Pharmacy)
Sl. No. Events Spring 2019 (January-April) Summer 2019 (May-August) Fall 2019 (September-December)
1 First day of Graduate Classes for Existing Batches Friday, 18 January Friday, 10 May Friday, 13 September
2 First day of Undergraduate Classes for Existing Batches Sunday, 13 January  Sunday, 12May Wednesday, 11 September
3 Class Commencement of New Batch, Graduate Friday, 25 January  Friday, 17 May Friday,27 September
4 Class Commencement of New Batch, Undergraduate Wednesday, 23 January Sunday, 19 May Saturday,28 September
5 Orientation Program (Newly admitted students) Thursday, 24 January Thursday,16 May Sunday,06 October
6 Registration and Last date of 1st  Installment Payment of Tuition Fees without late fee for existing students Sunday, 27 January Monday,20 May Sunday,22 September
7 Last date of 2nd  Installment Payment of Tuition Fees without late fee  Sunday, 10 February  Monday, 17 June Tuesday, 22 October
8 Last date to Add/Drop for existing students for Graduate  Thursday, 15 February Tuesday, 18 June Sunday, 20 October
9 Last date of Registration with Fine Monday, 19 February  Thursday, 20 June Monday,07 October
10 Late Registration and Add/Drop with Late Fees Saturday, 23 February  Sunday, 30 June Thursday,20 October
11 Laptop Distribution (For Spring 2018) Saturday, 30 June
11 Mid-term Examination Week

09 March to 14   March

(Saturday to Thursday)

4 July to 11 July

(Thursday to Thursday)

01 November to 09 November

(Friday to Saturday)

12 Last Date of 2nd Installment Payment of Tuition Fees without late Fee Sunday, 12 February 
12 Last Date of 3rd Installment Payment of Tuition Fees without late Fee Sunday, 10 March  Wednesday,17 July Sunday, 24 November
13 Advising / Pre-registration (For Next Semester)

  (Tuesday to Monday)

09 April to 15 April

(Thursday to Thursday)

01 August-O8 August

(Monday to Sunday)

18 November-24 November

14 Last date of submission of Courses offered list with name of Faculty for the next Semester to Registrar’s Office. Thursday, 11 April Tuesday,27 August Saturday, 14 December
15 Last Day of Classes Thursday, 18 April  Sunday,l8 August Sunday. 15 December
16 Final Exams

(Friday to Thursday)

19 April to 25 April

(Monday to Tuesday)

19 August to 27 August

(Friday to Saturday)

20 December to 28 December

17 Last date of Final Grade submission to the Controller’s Office Tuesday, 30 April  Saturday, 31 Ausust Tuesday,31 December
18 Publication of Semester Final Results by the Controller’s Office Saturday, 04 May  Wednesday, 04 September Sunday, 05 January (2020)
Holiday Shaheed Day (International Mother Language Day) Thursday, 21 February
Birthday of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Sunday, 17 March
Independence & National Day Tuesday, 26 March
Bengali New Year Sunday, 14 April
Shab-E-Barat* Monday, 22 April
May Day Wednesday, 01 May
Budha Purnima  Saturday, 18 May
5th Convocation 2018
Jumat-Ul-Bida* Friday, 31 May
Shab-E-Qadr* Sunday, 02 June
Eid-Ul-Fitr* Monday to Thursday 03 June to 06 June

Saturday to Tuesday

10 August to 13 August

National Mourning Day Thursday, 15 August
Janmastami Friday, 23 August
Muharram (Ashura)* Tuesday, 10 September
Durga Puja (Bijoya Dashami) Tuesday, 08 October
Eid-E-Miladunnabi* Sunday, 10 November
Victory Day Monday, 16 December
Christmas Day Wednesday, 25 December
  * Subject to sighting of the moon