Md. Nurul Abadin Chowdhury


Assistant Professor & Coordinator

Mr. Md. Nurul Abadin Chowdhury is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Department of Food Engineering & Technology. Mr. Chowdhury obtained his B.Sc. (Engineering) in Food Engineering & Tea Technology from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh in 2009. He obtained two M.Sc. degrees, one from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology on Management of Technology and other from State University of Bangladesh on Food Engineering & Technology. He has several years of teaching, industrial and research experiences in renowned research institutes like Institute of Food & Radiation Biology and Institute of Radiation & Polymer Technology, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission as research fellow. He has several research publications in international and national research journals. He served as an executive member of Bangladesh Society of Food Engineers & Technologists and consultant, agro-industrial section, Matrix Business Development Ltd. Mr. Chowdhury’s area of research interests are food microbiology (Probiotic Bacteria), fruits & vegetable processing & preservation and dairy engineering.


List of Publications:
  1. A.N.M. Mamun-Or-Rashid, Biplab Kumar Dash, Md. Nurul Abadin Chowdhury, Momtaz Fatima Waheed and Md. Kamruzzaman Pramanik “Exploration of Potential Baker’s Yeast from Sugarcane Juice: Optimization and Evaluation” published in Pakistan Journal of Biological Science 16(13): 617-623, 2013, ISSN 1028-8880.
  2. Nurul Abadin Chowdhury, Kamruzzaman Paramanik and W. Zaman “Study on the Quality Assessment of Curd (Dahi), Locally Available In Bangladeshi Market” publish in World Journal of Dairy and Food Sciences 6(1): 15-20, 2011, ISSN 1817-308X.
  3. Anis Alam Siddiqui and Md. Nurul Abadin Chowdhury “Quality Assessment of Different Popular Brands Wheat Flour, Locally Available in Bangladeshi Market.” Published in Journal of SUB 4(2): 25-30, 2013, ISSN 19983778.
  4. Anis Alam Siddiqui and Md. Nurul Abadin Chowdhury “Shelf-life study of yogurt product by using different concentration of Lactobacillus acidophilus.” Published in Journal of SUB 4(2): 35-41, 2013, ISSN 19983778.

Awards & Achievements