State University Career Services and Alumni Office

Overview/ Objectives:

Planning for your career begins before you arrive on campus for the first day of classes. The Career Services Office’s commitment to you is lifelong. Whether you are an undergraduate, an alumni/us, an employer, or a graduate school recruiter, the Career Services & Alumni office is eager to help you achieve your goals. You will find that our staff, programs, and resources are ready to support you in the best possible way we can. We look forward to assist students and alumni with career exploration, internship and job search, and the graduate or professional school application process. Employers and grad school recruiters, we are very excited to help you recruit our talented students and alumni. Whether you need help in writing a CV, or developing a winning a cover letter; require a better understanding of the ‘market’, ‘corporate structures’ or any other concepts; if your priority is winning an internship with a reputed organization, improving your interview technique, or gaining the confidence to convey your strengths intelligently to recruiters; even if you need a quick chat/physical or virtual interview with us to release your anxiety and tension and make sense of the complex process of choosing a career, have no fear, feel free to visit us on campus, send us an email or call us if you need any kind of assistance. We look forward to serving you!  

Our Services:

The career services and alumni office is currently offering a diverse range of services which include:
  • Career Counseling & advices
    Academic advice (for students questioning their major)     CV and cover letter writing skills     CV referrals (for students interested in completing part or full time work during their holidays or spare time)     Useful Physical & Virtual interview Session
  • Regular Lecture Series
  • Professional Workshops, Seminars, Talks
  • Arranging Career Fair
  • Making bridge between alumni and current students

Our Expectations from you:

We expect that as students you would therefore be wise to make the best use of the Career Services office, for your immediate and long term personal and professional gain! So be Proactive, let us know your necessity so we can immediately address that. Remember, Support is offered from as early as students seek it, so remember, the benefits that lie in wait are useless until you can make the best of them. You can visit the Career Services office any time for help or any career counseling or discussion.   For More information please Contact us: Phone: +880 1766663139 Email: (Director, Office of Career Services)

Some Photos from events organized by the Career Services Office of State University

(Regular Career Seminars are arranged by the Career Services Office, SUB)

(JCMS students pose with the Director, Career Services after attending a successful Career Seminar)

Intern’s Meet (Business Dept Intern’s meet the Director, Career Services & Alumni Office and share experiences)

Intern’s Meet : Architecture Dept. ( Architecture Dept. Intern’s meet held at the university and the interns shared their experiences with the Career Services & Alumni Office. Architecture dept. Asst. Professor Ms. Lata is listening to the students in the photo)

One of the regular workshops from the workshop series arranged by Career Services & Alumni office

Participants are posing with the Director, Career Services & Alumni office after a successful workshop!

The Interview board consists of SUB & Labaid officials in ‘On Campus Recruitment’ event jointly organized by SUB, CSO & Labaid Ltd.

‘On campus recruitment’ event jointly organized by CSO & Labaid Ltd.


CSO in Media:


The Career Services Office is responsible, for managing and guiding State University’s continuously growing community of alumni. By maintaining ties with students who graduated as far back as the University’s inception, the Career Services Office makes sure that their skills and knowledge benefit more than just their companies, by creating a strong bridge to extend these into the University. State University’s ever growing alumni community possess vast professional experience and hold important roles across most of the sectors of the national economy, so it is easier for our current students to find a subjective role model from the alumni members and to follow him/her. Our role is to facilitate the State University Alumni Association as a democratic, professional, cooperative and winning community of the graduating student. We believe through our alumni members the standard of excellence of State University will touch the global standard.