Message from the Vice-Chancellor


Prof. Dr. Md. Sayeed Salam

Enhancing the quality of education is the task with us with prime importance; it helps us to build society of our dreams. With demography of young in age and in spirit, we the universities have to ensure the quality education which is rich in values and modern in content.As a leading private university of the country, the State University of Bangladesh strongly value its partnerships with business, employers and the wider community as we work together to enhance the country’s social, environmental and economic well-being.As teachers, we all know that academic processes are no longer confined to classroom-based curriculum. For cultivation of mind it is essential to design appropriate learning experiences for the students. Adaptation to and application of new technology has to be an integral part of the curriculum development for all stages of education. New methods and teaching aids must equip the younger generations to learn more, explore more and contribute more to the society.Our research-focused teaching ensures our students receive the highest quality education which introduces them to the frontiers of knowledge and provides them with the skills and discipline to contribute fully to whatever career they follow. For these reasons, the graduates of the State University of Bangladesh are getting employment both locally and internationally.Whether through research development or by providing the workforce with skilled employees, we play a distinctive role in furthering the nation’s social, cultural, business and economic development. We embrace this obligation and are committed to ensuring our activities benefit the communities with which we serve and engage.By working closely with our communities, we are proud to play a leadership role in stimulating our country’s artistic and cultural life, enhancing innovation and economic prosperity, contributing to improvements in the health and well being of the population, and fostering the debate and independent thinking that characterize our nation. I welcome you to the State University of Bangladesh to find out more about these ways in which we engage with our communities. Vice-Chancellor State University of Bangladesh