Prof. Dr. Anwarul Kabir

State University of Bangladesh is a leading private University of Bangladesh. It has been playing a pivotal role in developing human resource since its inception in 2002. Since then, the university has been supplying quality human resources to both private and public sector of Bangladesh by maintaining a balanced portfolio of arts, business, science, engineering, enlivenment, and health sciences.

In its 15 years journey as a reputed institution of tertiary education, State University of Bangladesh has placed the highest emphasis on creating an effective teaching- learning environment. For attaining this goal, the university has endeavored its best to hire the best academics as full-time faculty member, adjunct faculty member from universities with high repute. Simultaneously, it has taken all the initiatives to develop a good infrastructure including modern library and hostel facilities to support the needs of the students. Alongside, various clubs have been organizing diverse of events at regular intervals in order to engage students in co- curricular and extra- curricular activities. All of these create avenues of employment for our students at home and abroad.

Nevertheless, the alumni activity of the university has been always vibrant and fruitful since the creation of State University of Bangladesh Alumni Association (SUBAA). The Alumni- State University collaboration so far has created a platform for helping our future graduates while choosing career. Last but not the least, our students will find their life in our university creative, meaningful, glamorous and colorful. Also, they would be able to utilize all of their latent potentials by pursuing our Undergraduate and Masters Programs.

Professor Dr. Md. Anwarul Kabir
Pro Vice Chancellor
State University of Bangladesh