Department of Architecture


Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture under the School of Science and Technology educates its students as per changing needs of modern society. Central to the department’s philosophy is commitment to the value of architectural design and the mutually reinforcing aspects of creativity, investigation and technology. The department is dedicated to nurture professionalism, social awareness, and environmentally sensitive issues to its students. The curricula encompass creative and communicative, theoretical and professional, humanistic and scientific, and artistic as well as technological subjects. These provide a foundation on which individuals can develop their architectural sensitivity and professional values. The contents are selected in order to provide a harmonious blend of basic courses and their applications together with social, technical and environmental relevance.


The Program

The 190-credit undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) incorporates a broad-based curriculum encompassing the arts and sciences of creating spaces with desirable environment. The program consists of core courses, electives, special topics and a thesis (final design). Portfolio development for each studio based course in every semester is also an integral part of the program.


Degree Requirement

Students must complete 190 Credit Hours within a maximum duration of 8(eight) years to be eligible for obtaining the degree i.e. Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch). Minimum CGPA requirement for obtaining the degree is 2.50. Students are considered making normal progress towards their degree if their GPA for a particular semester is 2.50 or above and earned credit is more than 10 times the number of semester attended. Students who fail to attain these standards will be notified by the department to take remedial measures.

Elective Courses

The university is aware of the need to reduce core courses and allow flexibility by introducing more optional courses. However, the appropriate balance is a much debated issue. The program integrates three elective and two optional courses, each of 3-credit load, from a pool of 22 (twenty two) suggested courses (the list is expandable). Each course is tied to a particular level depending on the need, knowledge and capacity of the students. In addition, there are at least six more credits available, which are flexible in nature, hence making the options wider. These are the two special topics: Artistic Appreciation (combination of 3 options) and Liberal Arts (combination of 3 options)



Acquisition and dissemination of knowledge is the motto of university teaching. The first step towards this goal is research-based higher studies, and continuous research-publications. An institution of higher education could accomplish the first by hiring competent and qualified faculty. The institution and other such bodies could facilitate publications by encouraging individual motivation. The university is committed to both and has already hired teachers with higher degrees from abroad. Some teachers have won research grants while working for the university.


Admission Process

The university operates a round the year admission system divided into trimesters i.e. spring, summer and fall. The students are required to fulfill the university admission requirement besides to the UGC guidelines. The admission forms and relevant information can be collected from the Admissions Office in the main building. Completed applications together with required documents should be submitted to the Admission Office as per deadlines.

For convenience of the graduate students seeking admission in the master programs, the admission office is also open on Fridays and Saturdays besides the regular university working hours.

Admission Eligibility

For students under National Curriculum:

Minimum GPA-2.50 both in SSC & HSC (Separately). If anyone gets less than 2.50 then he/she needs 6 points in total for admission with mathematics and Physics at any level (HSC/SSC)
For students from English-medium institutions:

For Student of 0-level & A-level one must complete at least 5 subjects in 0 level & at least 2 subjects in A level. Out of these 7 subjects one must obtain B grade or GPA 4.00 in four subjects and in rest 3 subjects grade C or GPA 3.50.
For students with Polytechnic Diploma under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board:

For students with Polytechnic Diploma under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board: Passed within the last two years from any of the government Polytechnic Institutes in Architecture

Admission Eligibility

Faculty Members

Shamsul Wares

B.Arch (BUET)

Dean (School of Science and Technology) & Professor  (Department of Architecture)

Sajid Bin DOZA, PhD

Associate Professor & Head

Afroza Ahmed


Associate Professor

Tania Taher Lata

B.Arch (BUET),M.Arch (BUET)

Associate Professor & Coordinator

Sultana Zakia Rahman

M. Arch. (BUET)

Assistant Professor

Afrina Haque

M.Arch – University of Hartford, CT, USA

Assistant Professor

Farahnaz Khadiza Chowdhury

M.A.Arch (DIA, HS-Anhalt, Germany), B.Arch (BUET)

Senior Lecturer

Rownak Islam

B.Arch (BUET), MSc (AIT, Thailand)

Senior Lecturer

Syeda Rafsana Hossain

B,Arch (KU)


Azka Eshita

B.Arch (BUET) (On Study Leave)


Shahriar Mannan

B.Arch. (BUET)


Reshma Talukder Toma

B.Arch. (BUET)


Shwe Wai Ching

B.Arch (BUET)


Tansen Alam Sangit

B.Arch (BUET)


Redowan Kabir Kaushik

B.Arch (KU)


Tanveer Ahamed Bin Ali Naser

B.Arch. (KU)


Adjunct Faculty Members

Ruhul Amin

Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture (BUET)

Khandoker Md. Ansar Hossain

Managing Director, Pronayan Architects, Engineers LTD

Dr. A.K.M Jahangir Alam

Superintendent Engineer, BUET

Md Rafiuddin

Associate Professor, Physics, BUET

Manjur M Maksud

Principal Architect, Paradigm

Mohammad Mahbub Alam Talukder

Professor, ARI Department, BUET

Md Azijul Islam

Lecturer, BUET

Dr A.K.M Shahnawaz

Professor, Archaeology, Jahangirnagar University

Md Aminul Islam

Principal Architect, Maatrik Architects

Kazi Golam Nasir

Chief Architect, Ministry of Housing and Public works

Tanzim Hasan Salim

Partner Architect DWG

Afzal Ahmed

Electrical Consultant, ELC

Md. Sayedul Islam

Associate Consultant

Omar Faruqe Hamim

Lecturer (BUET)  

Mohammad Irfan Hossain

Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET

Bayejid Mahbub Khondker

Principal Architect, Nakshabid Architects


Midterm Notice, Department of Architecture

Midterm will start from 5th July 2018, and all students have to pay at least 1st

Architecture Notice

Current Undergraduate Batch Class Started from 16.05.18   Last date of Course Registration will be finished

Research & Publications


The program is structured around a credit oriented Semester system, with gradual progression from lower-level basic to higher-level specific courses. Students are exposed to a variety of general subjects at the lower level, often with moderate specialization. At the higher level, the focus is on specific professional and academic competence. About 75 courses of the program are distributed into 15 equal semesters (three semesters/ year) over five years (maximum 8 years) along with other programs of the university. The program consists of Studio (107.5 credit) and theory/lecture (82.5 credit) courses at a ratio of 1.3:1.




B. Arch

Academic Program


Duration 15 Semesters (60 Months)
Studio and tutorials Credit Hours 107.5
Theory/lecture Credit hours 82.5
Total Credit Hours 190
 Approx. Course Load per semester (in credit) 13.5
Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)  for awarding of degree 2.50


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For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website. Alternatively if you have a specific service or question in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this using the contact details on the Contact Us page of the site.

Notable Alumni


Name: Shuvo Mursalin
Designation: Executive
Contact no. +880-2-58151781-5, 9128329, 9140960, 09613782338  Ext. 121


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