Dr. Md. Reyad-ul-Ferdous, An Alumnus of the Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh, has been Working as a Postdoctoral Scientist at the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Shandong University, China

Dr. Md. Reyad-ul-Ferdous, an alumnus of the Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh (SUB), completed his B.Pharm. (Hons.) Degree in (2011). Later on, he has obtained his M. Pharm. Degree from the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics, North South University. He has successfully completed his Ph.D. Degree from CAS Key Laboratory of Nutrition, Metabolism and Food Safety, Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 200031, PR China. Before going to China, he served Shyamoli Ideal Medical Institute and Progati Medical Institute as Lecturer. Dr. Reyad-ul-Ferdous also enrolled online courses on diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Opportunities at the University of California San Francisco, Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology) at the University of Maryland, College Park (USA) and Case Studies in Personalized Medicine at Vanderbilt University (USA). He has written a book entitled “Basic Knowledge of Pharmacy” and book chapter on “Cardiac disease: Current approaches to gene therapy”. Dr. Reyad-ul-Ferdouswas awarded Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), CASTWAS President Fellowship Program,CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology and 2019 ANSO Young Scientists Forum and Zhejiang International Science and Technology Cooperation Conference. At present, he has been working as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Shandong University. So far, he has published more than 80 research articles in reputed scientific journals. His research interests include Mitochondrial function and associated diseases, establishing mitochondrial uncoupling protein (UCP1) upregulated drug candidate to treat obesity related comorbidities, Pharmacology, Obesity, Metabolic diseases, Liver cancer and Liver diseases (NASH, NAFALD, fibrosis, Liver cirrhosis), formulation development, antioxidant, Herbal drugs and Epigenetic drugs, Phytochemistry.