Inclusion of Bangladesh in prestigious Asian Young Pharmacist Group (AYPG): Mr. Redwan Hossain as convener of the BYPG

Asian Young Pharmacist Group (AYPG) is an independent non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, and non-profit organization representing pharmacists around Asia Pacific. Within FAPA (The Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations), the AYPG is a network of enthusiastic young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists of Asia. FAPA was founded in 1964 and young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists have been a part of the organization for many years. The vision of the Asian Young Pharmacist Group is to encourage young pharmacists to have an active role in defining the future of pharmacy practice in the Asia Pacific.   In spite of having multiple countries as members of AYPG, Bangladesh has not been enrolled in this prestigious group till today. But with a great joy, we want to announce the enrollment of Bangladesh in AYPG group very soon as BYPG (Bangladesh Young Pharmacists Group). Mr. Redwan Hossain who is an enthusiastic alumnus of Department of Pharmacy (23rd batch), State University of Bangladesh (SUB), is the dreamer and founder of this group. He has been selected as the convener of BYPG. He is engaged throughout the process of formation and enrollment of Bangladesh in AYPG. He also works with International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and represents Bangladesh in Global Youth Leader Summit, a program organized by Japan & India.   We congratulate Mr. Redwan Hossain and his teammates for this contemporary great effort and wishing for their successful and glorious future.