SUB Alumnus in Higher Study: Dishary Sharmin

Dishary Sharmin is a graduate student (PhD) at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She successfully completed her B. Pharm. (Hons.) degree from the Department of Pharmacy (21st Batch), State University of Bangladesh (SUB) in 2017. Mrs. Sharmin started her PhD program on spring 2019 and joined Cook Research Group, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on summer 2019. She is working on the development of different types of α1-6β3γ2 subtype selective GABAA receptor ligands to enhance the activity of α6 selective GABAA receptor(s) for the treatment of migraine, orofacial pain, and Tourette syndrome. Another target area of her research is α5 subtype selective ligands for depression, and schizophrenia with enhanced cognitive properties. She is also designing α2,3 subtype selective ligands for treatment of pharmaco-resistant epilepsy, as well as anxiolytic/antipain agents. She has synthesized several novel α6 subtype selective ligands that are being investigated for treatment of migraine, Tourette syndrome, myofascial spasms, OCD and other tic-related diseases. Mrs. Sharmin’s work also focuses on the designing and synthesis of GABA α2/α3 receptor ligands for epilepsy and pain devoid of side effects. She has published 9 scientific papers from her research within the last two years of PhD in different peer-reviewed journals such as ACS neuroscience, Biological Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, European Journal of Pharmacology etc. Publication of 9 papers from her PhD works in 2 years is really an outstanding contribution to science. She is hoping to graduate by 2023.   The Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh is proud to have such a brilliant and successful alumnus. We wish her every success in life.