Sultana Zakia Rahman. FIAB

BArch (BUET), March (BUET), PhD Candidate (BUET)

Assistant Professor

Sultana Zakia Rahman, a PhD Candidate and Fellow of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (FIAB), graduated from BUET in 1991. She is teaching in the Department of Architecture (Full time since 2015), and worked as Guest Faculty in the same (during 2013) and in the Bachelor of Real Estate Program (BRE) at Daffodil International University (during 2015), She worked as the Core Team Member in Curriculum Development and IQAC (2017-18) Program of UGC for the Department. She was the Executive Council Member (Publication) of IAB during the two terms, 2009-2011 and 2011-2013. She acted as the Joint Secretary (2010-2015) and later as General Secretary (2015-2020) in Women Architects, Engineers and Planners Association (WAEPA) BD. She was also an Executive Committee Member of Architecture Alumni Association of BUET (ArcAAB). She has been an active organizing member during numerous International conferences and seminars and also presented Papers, participated in such events, workshops etc. Her area of interest in research includes Architecture, Housing and Urban Issues, Gender, Socio-Cultural and Heritage, Resilience and Marginalized Subaltern Groups. Apart from contributing to Journals and Daily News Papers, she has conducted Editorial responsibility in local and International Publications. In professional practice, she had worked in System Design and Ideas and System Architects as Director (till 2004) and later established her own Practice PLAN Design Desk, renamed later as ARCHI.SPACE Design Desk.


Publication :

Rahman, S. Z. (2018). Women’s Negotiation of Domestic Spaces for Home-Based Enterprises and its Consequences in the Low-Income Households of Dhaka: Investigating Hajaribagh Slum, Journal of SUB, Vol.8, Issue 1& 2,37-47.

Rahman, S. Z. (2016). Women’s Negotiation of Domestic Spaces in Slums: The Roles of Physical Environment on Practical Gender Needs in Hajaribagh and Ganaktuli Sweeper’s Colony, Dhaka,Protibesh :Journal of the Department of Architecture, BUET, Vol-16, Issue-1, 34-46.

Rahman, S. Z. (2013). The Body, Mind & Soul in Architecture: Connecting Spirituality with the Physical, Architecture and the Image of City: Spirituality in Architecture, Proceedings of 17thARCASIA Forum & 34th Council Meeting, 5-10 October, 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal,59-70.

Rahman, S. Z. (2012). ‘Symphony of Tradition and Modernity: Crossroad To Think And Re-Think Architecture’, A Modernism Challenge: Asian Cities and Architecture Heritage in a New Paradigm’, Proceedings of 15h ARCASIA Forum & 33rdCouncil Meeting, 29-30 Oct, 2012 Bali, Indonesia.Available at:

Rahman, S. Z. (2018). Domestic Spaces and the Roles of Urban Dalit Women and their Spatial-Social Exclusion: An Investigation of Gender Discrimination in the Sweeper Colonies of Dhaka, Bangladesh, International Conference on Gender Studies 2018, Thailand. (Abstract Published, awaiting for fullpaper)

Gomes, C.D. Rahman, S. Z. and Roy, S. (2019), A Negotiation in Spatial and Social Vectors in Households and Homesteads of Urban-Rural Continuum in Bangladesh, Proceedings in the Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) 2019, BUET, Dec 6-8, 2019, Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Gomes, C.D. Rahman, S. Z. and Roy, S. (2019), Negotiation of Socio-Spatial Vectors inAddressing Resilience within Households and Homesteads in the Rural and Urban Continuum of Bangladesh, Protibesh, Journal of the Department of Architecture, BUET, Vol-17, Issue-1,25-32.

Chowdhury, F.K. and Rahman, S. Z. (2016).Addressing Slums as an Impact of Urban Poverty and Social Exclusion: An Investigation into Three Types of Slum Community in Dhaka’, 5th International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development 2018, 6th –7 th Dec, 2016, Colombo, SriLanka.

(Abstract Published and Paper accepted awaiting full paper to be published in World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and SustainableDevelopment,).

Books :

1. Author, ‘Frida Kahlo: KichuKotha O Diary, Bengal Publications,2014.

2. Compilation, Organization, Partial Script-writing and Editorial Support of theauto-biographical Book ‘JibonTorirJatri’ by Siddiquer Rahman, Bengal Publications,2017.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles :

1. Series of 4 Articles, “Architectural in Bengal” (Early, Medieval, Colonial and Modern) in the“Daily BonikBarta’ during October-November,2019.

2. ‘Spiritual Essence in Urban Dhaka’, Special Supplement of popular “The Daily Star”, March 17, 2014, P:33.

3. Architectural Heritage Related Articles in the “The Daily Star” (Total 19Articles) (Sept 2002 – Aug 2005).

4. Published Papers on Architectural Projects in International Journal “Inside-Outside” (1996,2003).

5. ‘CharukalaInstitute:Oitijjo-rShureyAdhunikotarTaan’,anArchitecturalArticleonInstituteofFine Arts, Shilparup, a Quarterly Magazine of the Arts, Issue 1, July-Sep, 2007,P:8-12.

6. ‘SthapattyaKabyerKobi o TaarShopno’ (under pseudonym Reeta Rahman), Special Issue onArchitect Mazharul Islam of Kali-o-Kalam, a magazine of Bengal group, 9th year, Issue 8, October,2012.

7. ‘OsrushiktoBiponnoOitijjyoOMandirSthapattyarKichuKotha’,anArchitecturalArticleonHindu Temples ofBangladesh.

8. Architecture and Interior related Articles in ‘SthapattyaNirman(April – June, 2004).

9. Regular feature on Interior in Anannya Magazine ((Mar, 2004 – Sept2006).

10. Translator in an Research paper titled “Charya-pada in Light of Ancient Bengali Drama “ by SaymonZakaria in “Shilpakala”, the Annual Journal published by Bangladesh ShilpakalaAcademy (Volume XIX,2008-2009).

11. Translator in several chapters in the publication titled ‘PronomohiBongomata: IndigenousCultural Forms of BangladeshbySaymonZakaria (Forwarded by Tony K. Stewart), February,2011.

12. Former contributor in Kali o Kalam, MuktaAkash, Somoy, SachitraSandhaniWeekly “Kagoj”,“ShachitraShandhani”, Daily Sangbadetc.

Editorial Responsibility for Publications :

1. Assistant Editor in a two volume International Publication by ARCASIA (ArchitectsRegional Council of Asia) titled “ARCASIA HERITAGE”,2010.

2. Editor, IAB Newsletter (2009-2013)

3. Corresponding Editor, Architecture Asia (2009 -2013), A journal published by ARCASIA fromMalaysia.

4. Editing Team Member, Conference Proceedings in BUET 50Years.

Awards & Achievements

Ahsanur Rahman Gold Medal (BUET), Highest CGPA in M. Arch, 2013/15