Sunzad Sheikh

LL.B.(Hons.),University of LondonLL.M.(Human Rights)University of East London

Assistant Professor

Sunzad Sheikh is lecturer of State University of Bangladesh in the department of law. He has achieved LL.B (Hon's) from University of London, following LL.B (Hon’s), he preferred to opt for higher education and thereby did his LL.M. in Human Rights from University of East London. He worked as a Teacher assistant in College of Advance Studies for a period of nine months in United Kingdom. He has acquired a thorough knowledge of the legal fundamentals of International Human Right Specifically research in law on all the fundamental modules and gained a deeper insight into specific problems and critical issues faced by each area of modules. He has an understanding on the legal framework for Human Rights within the area of International Law, Refugee law and WTO. He has done an Extensive Research on Human Rights and contributed around 100,000 words on "Women Rights". He has worked as an immigration case worker in Capital Solicitor firm, from 2010 to 2015 in United Kingdom. As a case worker his main responsibilities were to provide appropriate advice and information to people enquiring about immigration and asylum problems.


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